Wednesday, 3 February 2010

we have been playing....

Ok, so its not easy to produce large quantities of things with so much to do and still create amazing colours, the best colours take time, thought and alot of indulgence. So we have been playing with colours this week, using different methods of dyeing to get kilo lots of each type of  yarn in stunning blended colours.

Oh my god, I have been so excited, lol!!!! If you said colour theory to me, I would say huh?? I mean I generally under stand colour, but not in a scientific sense, Brian on the other hand is all about the science. So we discuss colours and he explains why it happens,  know it happens, but no idea why, lol!! But we have been experimenting with some rather different methods which have had some incredible results, its something I started to play with last year, and sometimes do. Anyway its top secret, but it means you might see some other colours and shades maybe that I haven't done before. We have been messing about creating golds, bronzes, ochres, plums, blues and hazy greens, its making me excited writing about it.

I walked around the workshop and took some photos, its looking amazing in here at the moment, a total hub of industry. The wholesale took of with a bang, don't forget if you want Fyberspates in your local shop, get them to ask for a wholesale pack :)

Wholesale friday 043 

Wholesale friday 044

Wholesale friday 045 


  1. Oh. My. God. I want them all. Now. (please)

  2. Those are gorgeous - but all your yarns are gorgeous, I have a stash full of them, and I'm wearing them knitted up too.

  3. You should call em yummy yarns. I am rather partial to peacock green a bit of orangey reds and ochre, dunno if that's on the 'menu.'