Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Farnham maltings - Unravel and dyeing workshops

Right, I can never just do one topic in a post can I!

First of all, if you are coming to Unravel on Saturday or Sunday you are in for a treat. We are just putting the finishing touches to my stand setup, I decided I wanted a sort of French market theme with tiered layers, and it looks cracking!!! I shall be looking rather professional ;)

Brian is coming on Saturday, so he will take some pics, he's been instructed. The gorgeous yarn and TONNES OF FIBRE is all packaged up into bags, I think the only way you will recognise me is that I have a humongous sign, hahahahahaha.

Secondly, I am going to be running workshops in the Unit, first two have been put on the website, one is the 13th of March and the second is the 1st of may. If you are up for it, go sign up, cost is 50 pounds, its alot of fun I promise you :)

Right, back to the labelling ;)


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  1. Won't be at Unravel, so do post a picture of your stand!