Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Unravel was really really good fun, that show is amazing considering its in its second year!! I had a fab spot in an alcove, I have a couple of pics, BUT it was hard to take them because the stand was busy lol.


You can see my new shelves at the back and they mean I can fit loads more yarn on the table, hahaha, anyway, it gives you a little idea, hehe. (loving my new sign too) I always get told off for not having a sign.


So there we go, a blimin successful show if I do say so myself, it was also lovely to be in the same as Mr Bluefaced, Skein Queen and Mr Uppingham, who is a rather cheerful chap it has to be said.

Next show is Wonderwool, although I have a talk this Saturday to the Kennet spinners and weavers guild, so that's quite exciting!

I am updating the shop today, and also swatching and sketching because I have designs to be submitted to the knitter by friday, (gulp)

PS, yesterday was just the most glorious day, I can feel spring coming and I can't believe how good the sunshine felt yesterday.




  1. Wow! your yarn and fibre look fantastic, the colours really sing.

  2. Oh drool...fancy coming to Ireland? ; )

  3. Can't wait to see your designs. Are they lace or yummmy sparkle sock??? I hope its a nice hard one cos I don't go for the easy stuff. Yep its been spring like here too yipppeee no more snow.

  4. |P S Fancy coming to Leeds branch of Knitting and Crochet Guild??? I am certain the ladies would be fascinated by your talk and yarns. Person to contact is Liz gillett. Hope to see you soon.

  5. The new stand set up looks great and looking forward to seeing it for real at Wonderwool.