Wednesday, 24 March 2010


I was thinking, cause I am on a totally gorgeous journey of discovery at the moment with fair isle to write a bit about it, and maybe even do some photos?? Any one be interested in it? I used to look at gorgeous fair isle things and think, nahh, I am never gonna be able to do that, and then I researched it a bit and did it and now I am addicted! I especially want to become expert at it using hand dyed yarns, cause obviously that's my I am working on some little kits. And....talking of which do any of you think you would be interested in a club with some fair isle kits for small items?

Let me know...

anyway, I forgot my camera today, but the fair isle hat is nearly finished, it looks amazing, the colour choices were made to be highly contrasting, and so its not to everyone's taste BUT, its gorgeous! I promise I'll pop it on tomorrow



  1. I'd love to see some photos and stuff. It's one of those things that once you try you realise how addictive it is.

  2. id love to see, i was only brave enough to try lace as part of a knitalong, i think fairilse may be the same, more than one colour at a time scares me silly! But the effect is so lovely i would like to overcome the fear!
    ruth x

  3. Photos or it never happened! I love Fair Isle.

  4. I tryed it...loved just not very good at

  5. I know this is an ancient blog, but my comp broke down and was being repaired by the Techguy. I would love to join up your Fair isle club, how much will it be, is it a 3 month club like the others. I would love to do small things just to get the handg of it. I can do it with both hands its just I'm not very fast like some.