Friday, 19 March 2010

What a week!!!

What a week I have had, a really good week though, well there was food shopping accounts and drama, lol!

Monday and Tuesday were shopping and accounts, I love and hate accounts, we go through the entire last month of business and work out profits and things (love my sage package for this) and its always so interesting, and informative, if not sometimes annoying, lol, and we have some plans for scrumptious and the USA, I am relly very excited about it.

Shopping was amazing, I got quite a few lovely dresses from French Connection, that's my shop at the moment, I just adore it, everything fits, and its so classy and....just seems to fit my frame of mind, not that I am particularly classy haha.

We then went for the most amazing meal ever ever ever, to the Grovesnor in Chester, it was so good it brought tears to my eyes, as did the bill, but I wasn't paying so I just enjoyed every second, haha!! I also had a gorgeous lunch with Jo, and it was soooo lovely to spend time with her.

Drama was yesterday however, someone decided to try and kill them selves by throwing themselves infront of my van, no I am not being sarcastic, she really did try, three times, I swerved, went up the road parked and ran back, by which time she had tried it twice more, but you know what, the road was busy and me and another guy were the only people who stopped to help, god knows why, clearly the woman had serious stuff going in, but we stayed with her and made sure she was ok until the police came, it was really quite a freaky incident (she was totally fine by the way, very good at rolling it seems, but clearly needed alot of hugs and a section).

Anyway, I am updating the shop today, I am just having a slow relaxed start and catching up with everyone, so I will start in a mo, and I PROMISE today there will be a shop monster ok!

I will try and photograph my tam I am designing in a mo and pop it on here, I AM ADDICTED TO FAIRISLE!

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  1. It was very good of you to stop and help. I always think 'There but for the grace...', but I don't know how good I am at actually helping.