Thursday, 25 March 2010

Some pics....And a show this weekend in Liverpool!

Ok lets start with a pic seeing as I keep tempting you! Right, I am going to do some pics of holding the yarn for fairisle, really its soooo easy.

This is my first piece, its a Tam, but obviously its not shaped yet, I got a bit stuck last night on decreasing and making the pattern fit in, so I will have another go over the weekend.

25th march 012 

I know the colours are really strong, BUT I needed a huge contrast so I could see the tension of my stitching properly. I want it finished so I can get onto some designing with this now, the pattern is from my Alice Starmoore book, but I changed the fairisle pattern because I am only using two colours instead of more. I know it doesnt look much, but I am really proud of it :)

Ok, so secondly, I am doing a show in Liverpool this weekend which is called Make do and KNIT

I am really looking forward to it, I have lots of yummy yarn and fibres to take......anyone coming?



  1. I love the colours (looks like my Gryffindor Jaywalkers) I reckon you'll be finished for the weekend too, you can show it off in Liverpool!

  2. That colourwork is lovely. Isn't it nice to do fairisle?

  3. Would it be possible to know which book you learnt continental knitting from as it sounds as though it was quite easy to follow?! I have found it difficult to learn.