Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Queen of procrastination

Generally I am good at getting things done, but sometimes there are little things which seem so big and difficult that they loom large and make me feel like I am stressed, then it takes 20 minutes to do them and you feel so relieved that its like a celebration, do you ever get that?

Today I had to write a piece about me and my business for a press release for an exhibition I am doing at the museum, and its been there making me feel stressed, then I moaned to Brian about it (he is the king of THE OPPOSITE of procrastination) and he made me make a list. I did it and then it took me 20 minutes to do the damned thing!! What am I like huh????

Anyway, I am having a good day, all forms are filled in, bills paid, van unloaded, custom orders pretty much done. And I am planning for TNNA rather in advance for me, lol,  but I am getting so excited, I really am. I have a very clear idea of how I want the stand, its gonna be vintage British if that makes any sense?

I took a wander round the site I am on to see if there was any useful bits of tat, and I found TWO massive picnic benches, I need to go flutter some eyelids now to see if i can 'borrow' them and get them moved by a forklift to outside the unit, they will make a great space for when visitors come to visit....oh which reminds me, I am going to be open from now on to the public in the UNIT after this week, we are organising and tidying this week so we can operate more as a shop, I still advise you to ring before you visit just incase, like next week for example I am away monday tuesday, BUT Brian will be here.

I shall have opening times for each week up on the information pages on the website, plus you can always ring me (which I recommend before setting off).

We were discussing this morning having the outside area converted into a shop space, which I am sorely tempted by, it will take some work but it would provide a nice distinct area away from the workshop for people to browse in.

OK, I am off to start photographing for the mammoth update on friday, I have so many boxes of yarn its a bit scary to be honest, its going to take days........

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