Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Easter ;)

So I am having a slightly easier week this week, update is on for tomorrow instead of friday, as Friday I am spending it with my bestest friend in the world Carmen and her husband Fran. We went for lunch today, and we had massive lunch and beer and now I am sat at my desk ready to sleep!!! hehehehehe!

Anyway, I am really looking forward to Easter weekend as I am going to be spending the whole of it makng things, I have a few projects in mind.....yipppe!



  1. Me too. I was real busy knitting up stuff for my grandchildren, yeo jeni, I have been made honorary Knitting Granny to my bestest friend's grandchildren. Wot a jolly good wheeze. I was knitting a Fair Isle hottie for my feet as I have no slippers, so that's another WIP I shall have to start. Now where is my card methinks I shall have to get more yarn heheheheheheheee.