Thursday, 1 April 2010


It feels almost like spring today, the flowers outside my unit are so pretty, its a gorgeous contrast to the industrial environment I work in.

I am feeling on top of the world today, don't know if you ever get this, but always when change is coming, I feel rubbish because I like holding on too hard, and then change comes and once I accept it its really ok :)

Carmen and Fran came from Spain to visit, and they are both so good for me. They think global, that's the only way to describe it, they don't worry about the small details they have a goal and they work towards it, Carmen was a major supporter in my business and in my life generally, I like to think of her has my female soulemate. So their visit has been perfectly timed, she inspires the hell out of me, we are spending easter together and boy and I excited.

Although I havent been miserable or anything, I felt a little sapping of my spark recently, maybe with the growing of the business it changes things (growing of the business has meant some rather tough times (not financially but some rather unpleasant learning curves, but they have been learnt, and I shall tell you all about them soon when I am allowed to, but I need to keep shtum for a bit longer). But its good, I took action and made decisions and have learnt not to take crap any more, or really to trust people so much.

I have been going to the gymn to destress and as a result I am getting well fit! Plus it mean I can eat cake guilt free, haha!! Also just really thinking about what I want in the future and making plans, I like a good plan, I do ;)

And also introducing a little more life into my work life balance, and its meant I have met and spent time with some rather special people recently, all really lovely stuff. So today I think is the first day of that change and I am in a cracking mood.

Oh the shop is being updated today, AND I am gonna do som photos over the weekend for the fairisle stuff i was talking about.



  1. Spring does feel good doesn't it? Snow here yesterday but sunny and springlike today and I feel great too!

  2. Wow! Love the new blog - took me quite by surprise!