Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Scrumptious......and a little knitting

I am waiting to hear if we got a booth at TNNA this summer (tnna is the main US trade show for knitting and needle work). To be fair its quite scary we had to book flights and hotel rooms before we even heard confirmation, but I have a good feeling in my guts.

We are taking the scrumptious range ( not the hand dyed, as I don't have the capacity to dye loads of yarn, and I am fastly coming to realise that unless you can produce hand dyed with cheap labour, the prices don't work for wholesale on any basis which can work long term, probably why most large hand dyed companies get it done in other countries, its a shame  but its true). Anyway the whole distributor thing has been a bit of a learning curve, more on that once I can speak, BUT I have a new distributor for the USA and I am so excited,  we are having a properly British stand, total vintage British, its not easy though as we have to get stuff over there, and you have no proper walls like exhibitions in the UK, so we are going to have to be VERY inventive, but boy its exciting!!

The range will increase to include the lace weight, the 4ply that we all know and love, the dk OBVIOUSLY, the aran weight, and the chunky. I have to figure out the colours, not easy when I am not so sure of what colours the US market go for...but I'll just have to use my instincts, I feel really proud that my little company is getting there finally. I think I am going to have to scale down the amount of engagements I take part in next year, I love to travel around and see shops etc, but I think I might have to stop that as I need to concentrate on the pattern support and other things for this range, and ofcourse it needs to be launched here too, but I am thinking allypally might be great for that.......

Ok, I am just wanging on now, so I will stop, I did do some lush kniting over the weekend and made a calomitery, which is knitted in babylonglegs hand spun (my secret fav yarn of all time) it stripes just beautifully. Its a little big, so I have to kind of tie it, but it looks really cute, I am actually wearing it in the new profile pic, not that you can really see it!! hehe, it took me about 2 hours to make, this would make a cracking quick present.....

Scotch eggs 024


  1. Well done on your businessy endeavours, that's great news! Talk about learning curves though, I'm doing Knit Nation as my first big show and to be honest I'm bricking it !! Just thought I'd say hello and give congrats - you've earned it.

  2. LOVE it - am going to knit my own Calorimetry "today" and I have some gorgeous Scrumptious to do it with!