Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Hand dyed wholesale-the end of an era

Two posts in one day, not bad huh?

Ok I have always sold my yarns wholesale, its always caused me alot of complications but I still tried my hardest to do it because I love having people sell my yarns in all corners of the globe, BUT, the reality is that I struggle to do it as well as maintian normal service in the shop, so much so that I miss out on doing the dyeing I love. Not only that but I end up just doing administration, thats not what I signed up for, I need to streamline so that I can get on with developing fyberspates hand dyed online and the commercial range.

So after trying it a million different ways, i.e. getting help to dye the wholesale providing an off the shelf service and dyeing to order, I have come to the conclusion that financially it doesnt work. That makes me really sad to say, but its the reality.

In its place I will be developing the commercial range which starts with scrumptious, lace, 4ply, dk aran and chunky. This is what I am taking to TNNA, and is what will be available to customers in the UK and europe.

I feel sad, but juggling too many balls will mean a reduced service to my customers which even the thought of makes me extremely anxious.

So, what is left in the wholesale section is it, and then in the Autumn we will launch the new range of gorgeousness that is the scrumptious commercial range.

I feel a relief saying this really, its a challenge I have worked so hard at and had many conversations with other dyers about it, and sometimes you just have to change and let things take you in other directions.


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  1. Rock on Jen world domination is inevitable.