Monday, 26 April 2010

Am kept awake with wiredness

As you can tell with the crappy grammar of that title I am tired, Wonderwool was loads of fun, not just for the selling wool part, but meeting my lovely customers and keeping up to date with everyone. Plus realising, that sometimes you got to always make sure you are ahead of the game....which means I kind of realised at the weekend how much effort I now have to focus on the commercial side of the business, which in turn will hopefully fund a new project, its big and exciting, but something I have been thinking about for quite a while (2 years infact), but didn't have the contacts or partner to do it with, now I think I found someone, ofcourse it doesn't effect the hand dyed side, I love that and its my little cherished baby, that ain't going nowhere ;)

So I was up at 6am this morning getting ready to set up an exhibition at Wantage museum, thankfully Brian is helping me.....after this its packing orders and then I am going to sleep, oooh and tomorrow I shall tell you about my absolute finds/purchases, there is a dyer there who just makes me totally excited with her wonderful creativeness and colours.......



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