Friday, 28 May 2010

Happy place....

I have 3 happy places:

1. The running machine with my Ipod playing florence and the machine.
2. Watching freinds dvd's back to back in my pj's
3. This blog:

I will indulge in these alot until TNNA is over, lol

(take a look at the blog, I guarentee you will love it).

Thursday, 27 May 2010

I changed my hair...

I dyed my hair for the upcoming summer shows etc, it took three boxes of bleach, but I like it, and seems my curls stayed too, thought the bleach might kill those, not that you can see them in this photo, lol.

Profile 1

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Fridays update - a little sale

Ok, in addition to the friday update I have some things to go on the sale section, my mum has been organising my workshop and has made up some mixed packs (I know how you guys love those) and all sorts of other little treats, I am going to time the update to start at 1pm friday lunch time.

See you there ;)


Tuesday, 18 May 2010


I have been so anti bloggin, having no laptop or phone doesnt help but, it wasnt really that it was just that fact that I was in a transition, for me that means things are changing everywhere, not big changes, but changes enough to make me feel like I don't fit into anythng or belong anywhere, its something which normally only lasts a couple of weeks but it makes me miserable and stressed, but also I did recognise that might have been the cause of recent moods, and also secretly look forward to where everything clicks into place, today just felt like things all clicked together gorgoeusly.

So we have been getting ready for TNNA in the USA, this has been really quite stressful, its not like doing an exhibition here, there are so many prohbitive rules, but I think we have pretty much managed to work our way around all of them, even if we do have to pay 170 dollars an hour for building our stand, (fricking rediculous if you ask me, but anyway) so the styling of the stand has been a massive massive thinking point for me, its all based around a photo of one of my garments, and the fact that I am becoming incredibly interested in styling and decor and fabrics. Its pulling me strongly in a direction which is perfect for my commercial yarn range,and this weekend it all came together.

Firstly we have terminated our aggreement for distribution of Scrumptious and Rooster with Creative yarns, this means we have found some alternative solutions which infact suit me alot better, it allows me to be in control completely of the image of my brand and the way it is sold, for me that is the most important thing ever. Infact yesterday was a lovely and fabulous set of meetings to which I can now say I feel as if we have a cracking team ready to take the commercial range into the market place in a gorgeously stylish way, lol, listen to me and my stylish, but really this aspect is very important to me. This change in particular has been a godsend, the previous 6 months were very very stressful.

I also had a megga creative weekend with freinds helping me get a really clear sense of how far ahead I have to think for pattern collections, and just getting a really clearly defined image and way of doing things, it was so so helpful and wonderful thanks loads ;) xx

Oh and another exciting note, my Brother has moved home too, he got a place at university at the age of 32 and well...he needs to save loads of money before he goes, so my mum is a little overwhelmed I think to have us both home, but I am so so happy to have him around, we get in so well. Although he has been home 24 hours and he has decided he is going to get me fit and ready for the world of...hmm well I am not too sure really (but aparently it means I have to go on a strict diet, no more cake, excercise every day, I have to get my hair done properly) I said, do you think I can look like someone of depserate housewives in a month?? he said yes ofcourse, but you have to train everyday, (urmm.....ok). I am sure this will give me something to legitimately moan about on my blog, I think I am going to be put through hell soon (but secretly it will be fabulous having a personal trainer/style advisor/someone to go to the pub  with, haha).

OOOH! And I have always wanted to do some upholstry forever and ever and ever, I love the idea of recycling old furniture, I used to do it when I was a child, and I accidently bought some beautiful fabric at the weekend:


This morning my dad found me an old chair in the garage, so I am going to have a go....I am sure I can clean rub down and paint it in the evenings, hehe!! and this fabric would make the perfect seating......

Thursday, 13 May 2010


I was in a filthy mood this morning, no reason, I am a woman afterall I don't require a reason for being moody, in such a bad mood infact that I couldnt concentrate properly, clear there was only one answer, I went to waitrose bought cake and coffee and am just about to sit outside with it and some knitting in the sunshine, even the thought is provoking a smile.....oh to be a woman huh?

xx grrrrr

*Edited to add*......they fixed it, I am a bit worried now...anyone else have sugar and coffee withdrawal moods????

maybe a detox is on the cards....thoughts peeps?