Thursday, 13 May 2010


I was in a filthy mood this morning, no reason, I am a woman afterall I don't require a reason for being moody, in such a bad mood infact that I couldnt concentrate properly, clear there was only one answer, I went to waitrose bought cake and coffee and am just about to sit outside with it and some knitting in the sunshine, even the thought is provoking a smile.....oh to be a woman huh?

xx grrrrr

*Edited to add*......they fixed it, I am a bit worried now...anyone else have sugar and coffee withdrawal moods????

maybe a detox is on the cards....thoughts peeps?



  1. Sounds like you just needed a break and some happy in the sun time!

  2. Guilty pleasures often go on the hips. I should know mine are humongously huge, result of cakes and coffee for many years. Please don't indulge too much Jeni, at least you are well enuf to go to the Gym. Nowt wrong with having a break you work sooooo hard.