Tuesday, 29 November 2005


Finally the shop is up and running! I've added a few goodies and will continue to add more as the week progresses.

So if you fancy receiving a newsletter, sign up for an account, and you automatically enter a draw to win a big fat hank of hand spun yarn.

Here is a little taster of things you can buy.....



Wednesday, 23 November 2005


Just to add, as nothing ever runs smoothly, the shop isn't working quite right so it's offline until the little thing gets fixed. *sigh*

Won't be long though, and anyway there will be plenty more goodies to buy.

Monday, 21 November 2005

Back to knitting/spinning

Right so after lots of announcement things, I think we should get back to basics. Knitting and spinning. I acquired a Patrick Green drum carder last week, I am going to need it for blending fibres for the shop.

So here is a picture of the magical beast:


And here is part of an order of merino and kid mohair I was blending on it yesterday:

Fibres_in_a_box The colours are a little off, it's more purples and teals. I think Emma would love this stuff! There will be some heading her way as she is the one who often tries my blends and gives me such wonderful feedback.

I did actually have a heavenly weekend, I spent most of it in my 'Fyberlab' (our front bedroom) as my friends call it. I did tonnes of dyeing, blending and experimenting.

I always spin little skeins of things I have blended to test them out, here is a little one, it's got little mohair tufts, I love these, but the kid mohair needed a little more combing to get rid of the little slubby bits. It's seriously soft. I will make a blanket one day with all the little test skeins.


And finally Marie popped over and showed me her WIP, misty from scarf style, we were discussing what I should do with my Noro Yoroi and she suggested I make a misty with it! What a fab idea, it's more like a wrap though because I have used size 10mm needles. Here is the progress so far:


Oh and hopefully by this evening you will be able to buy yummy things from my shop here!

Wednesday, 16 November 2005

Update to the announcement!

I had a really great comment with a link about payment for people submitting projects to magazines. I really want to start as I mean to go on, and I understand how much time and effort is involved in developing patterns and writing up projects for submissions. So I think it is only fair to pay people for the submissions that are accepted and published in Cyber Fyber Arts. I already have a host of articles, but I need a few more projects, please contact me if you have any ideas and fancy submitting a project.

Email me on FyberspatesATbtinternetDOTcom

Monday, 14 November 2005


What a couple of week's I'm having, all good, lots of new ideas, projects etc. Firstly the knitting experiment is taking shape, the first experiment will look at the effect of knitting and cross stitching on rumination in depression, there is lots going on with this, update will be as the project develops. I have to say many thanks to future publishing (they publish simply knitting) because they are being very generous, with helping as much as they can.

Secondly I am going to launch an on-line fiber magazine 'Cyber Fyberarts' a similar idea to Magknits and Knitty, but it will be dedicated to fyber arts.

It will contain lots of spinning, and felting and lots of other fabulous fyber related projects to get your teeth into. Articles on techniques, and even a resident 'Spin Doctor' to solve all your spinning woes. ( I have someone in mind for this, she just has to say yes.....!!)

There will be articles on all sorts, from people who Nurture the fyber and their fyber producing pets, and a regular spot on the ways in which fyber arts are used in the community, and how it relates to health/ mental health.

And tonnes and tonnes of really really fun stuff.

So, basically, this is a very broad call for projects for the first issue, which will be at the end of January. You need to have new and innovative ideas for projects, how about spinning projects/patterns? Felted things? Come on people I know there are projects in you just dyeing to get out....

This will be a really be a great e-mag, and your chance to get published with your projects......

Email me on FyberspatesATbtinternetDOTcom

Saturday, 5 November 2005


I did a little spinning this afternoon:



Its for sale on Ebay here.