Monday, 21 November 2005

Back to knitting/spinning

Right so after lots of announcement things, I think we should get back to basics. Knitting and spinning. I acquired a Patrick Green drum carder last week, I am going to need it for blending fibres for the shop.

So here is a picture of the magical beast:


And here is part of an order of merino and kid mohair I was blending on it yesterday:

Fibres_in_a_box The colours are a little off, it's more purples and teals. I think Emma would love this stuff! There will be some heading her way as she is the one who often tries my blends and gives me such wonderful feedback.

I did actually have a heavenly weekend, I spent most of it in my 'Fyberlab' (our front bedroom) as my friends call it. I did tonnes of dyeing, blending and experimenting.

I always spin little skeins of things I have blended to test them out, here is a little one, it's got little mohair tufts, I love these, but the kid mohair needed a little more combing to get rid of the little slubby bits. It's seriously soft. I will make a blanket one day with all the little test skeins.


And finally Marie popped over and showed me her WIP, misty from scarf style, we were discussing what I should do with my Noro Yoroi and she suggested I make a misty with it! What a fab idea, it's more like a wrap though because I have used size 10mm needles. Here is the progress so far:


Oh and hopefully by this evening you will be able to buy yummy things from my shop here!

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