Monday, 8 March 2010

The sun is shining even if it is freezing!

I had a totally great time on Saturday, I went to the kennet spinners and weavers guild to give a talk, and it was so much fun, I have to confess to being very nervous, I really need to work on my public speaking, however, I think its probably just a case of practicing. The ladies were sooooo lovely, and they liked my yarns and fibres too, hehe!

Yesterday was a total chill out day, the first day I have had off for three weeks, and it was bliss, total bliss, so today I feel very rested and in a cracking mood :) I just sent Brian to get me some prawn sandwiches from Waitrose, haha, the delights of being a boss!!!!!

So, I am looking forward to this week, its catchup and organising week, I have So much stock to go on the shop its ridiculous, so this Fridays update will be a bumper one.

Ok, I am off to make coffee to go with those sarnis and get packing my orders from the weekend.

Happy spring folks ;)


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  1. Yep Spring has sprung cos Phyllis my amyrillis has sprouted a big flower bud and leaves, the garden looks nice with pansy plants budding and I'm currently enjoying spring cleaning fever here in my pad, which is a bit bad cos that means i don't get to knit.