Monday, 15 March 2010

Days off!

Ok, well its my birthday tomorrow, and so I decided to have a couple of days off and get some designing done with a little bit of shopping and eating cake thrown in, so I came away up to far I have been organising consignment pickups etc from afar which wasn't quite what I had planned, so to the girls on sat who said I would be on the beach with my laptop, I am kind of shopping for clothes with my lap top, hahahahaha!

The workshop on sat was absolutely brill, we had sooooo much fun, and loads of cakes and amazing home made cookies were eaten. Yarn was dyed and fun was had, It realy was super duper!!

Guess what?? I learned to knit continental yesteday, because I need to learn fairisle pretty quickly so I read Alice Starmores book from cover to cover and got started and well its so blimin easy!!!! And I knit so much quicker with continental, I used a combination of that and english to fairisle but its so much easier than I thought. I have been swatching in the round and I am going to make a tam by the end of the week, then I can start on my yolked sweater design, *gulp*

I'll pop some pics on in the week, but I am TOTALLY addicted, I think it could become an addiction.

Right I am off to try some clothes on and decide what to wear out for dinner and drink something yummy.......



  1. I forgot we share our birthdays. Have a lovely day tomorrow.

  2. happy birthday for tomorrow, jeni!
    have a fab day, and treat yourself, madly.
    vivi x

  3. Happy Birthday for tomorrow!
    Hope you will be suitably spoiled and pampered : )