Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Knitting mojo

It has to be said, I had totally lost mine big time. Even at Christmas while lying sick on the sofa I couldn't even bear to pick up the sticks and string. And actually I haven't knitted anything substantial, for oooh probably about 5 months, (I have done some gloves and things, but no sweaters) I feel ashamed even saying that!

But the other night, I picked up my owl jumper and Joined the sleeves to the body and was consumed, to the point where I actually finished it, and now I am desperate to cast on something else. I have 2 designs in mind, so I am concentrating on those at the moment.

But thought you might like to see my owl jumper. Only downside is that the yarn is maybe not quite right for the project, (ITS NOT MY YARN), its mirasol, and it fluffs up way too much, although it makes a warm jumper, but not that great for cable definition, should have used scrumptious chunky, lol!.

You can find the pattern on RAV, its call 'OWLS'

Small owls 

Shop update 3rd feb 068

Shop update 3rd feb 069


  1. Cute sweater, congrats:-)
    I have a spinning thang on at the moment, he, he :-) But I wish that I could just stay home and create - knit, crochet, spin, dye....there is just not enough time for work!

  2. I have also lost the will to knit. For the last month I have been in bed most days the ol bones not working. Last night I managed to knit a few rows in Scottish Tweed Aran its a chunky yarn in the most gorgeous purple heather tweed just totally rocks me. Can you do jester in chunky jeni??? Or don't it work out.