Monday, 24 August 2009

Fibrefest and lovely things

Normally when I come back from shows I am knackered, however, I am totally full of beans today, hehe, I actually had alot of fun, and it was a real rest, not too sure why, but it felt like a mini holiday, not just for the body but for the soul, of course I saw all my lovely woolly friends, Amanda, Phil, Mr wool, john, and Juliette, even made some new ones :) and my fabulous customers.

But also we stayed in an amazing place, it reminded my of my eclectic household in Cardiff, the atmosphere and ethos, and I was very happy there, I am going again for sure!!!!!

I am going to do a sort of mini apprenticeship in something (major step to world domination), but I'll tell you about that later in a few weeks after Iknit, hehe.

I spose I have been feeling a bit weird the past month, not because of the move asuch, for some reason I had been feeling like, oh I am 31, not married, no kids etc etc, and I felt totally overwhelmed by feeling I should be conforming to something, not too sure why because it has never bothered me before, but, today as I was driving along in my van down the M5, just having taken another rather exciting step towards world domination, I felt bloody grateful that I have the flexibility to take on new things, and grow and learn because I don't have any commitments, and as Sole used to say, this is 'MY time', I do feel pressure to conform to some ridiculous 'perceived' path in life sometimes, but I feel miserable when I think about doing anything else other than what I am doing now, so for this time, I shall feel miserable no more. I am what I am, and I do what I want, and if anyone else mentions being on the shelf, they might get a very rude response from me. I DON'T DO SHELVES, OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I certainly don't conform, I would never be where I am if I did.

Right, well, off to pack orders and unload the van, with a rather large grin. Then have a cup of tea and get my pad of paper with 'World Wool Domination' written at the top of it, and make a list.



  1. Do you know, that's exactly the position I found myself in at about 30, although I wasn't actually planning World Domination at that point - I just remember thinking "Actually, I rather like my life just as it is right now!". Then I met DH, just when I really, really wasn't looking to fit any mould or follow any conformist pattern, exactly as you say. 30 has definitely stayed my favourite age, and I clearly think I've stuck there!
    Good luck with the plans, and if you need a right hand person, just shout!

  2. feeling very similar myself, due to graduate in a years time, no plans for kids or marriage (although been co-cohabiting, hate that word, for 6 yrs) although as good as, and have been looking into Msc Forensics. At 32 I often feel should be neck-deep in mortgages, kids, marriage and all that other stuff, esp when OH brother has all that. Truth is we are never happier than when the other one is happy so we will continue to non-conform. Excited to hear what this next step to world domination is.

  3. Honey, you're a Renaissance woman. You're not supposed to fit into the usual pigeonhole. You're a trailblazer!

  4. Awwh..... (hug)
    You are you, will always be you, it's what makes you so special!!!
    ...don't feel like you have to conform, because you have the freedom AND the insight to set the bloody rules, not obey them!!!
    Now, go and dominate the world.....
    I insist ;)
    S xXx

  5. Good luck and go girl!!! Be yourself and do your own thing, it really is the road to happiness!!
    All the best

  6. You stick with the world domination first, you've got plenty of time for all the other bits. It's those flippin' hormones again, they give us women nothing but trouble!

  7. I also get The Fear.
    The idea that it is all sorted out by 30 is very all-pervasive and a massive lie!
    Nobody I know who is 30 or 31 or even 35 - or even 40 - has got it all worked out. I'm glad you're another voice out there publically dispelling the myth that by 30 one is meant to have kids, husband, house etc. you're an inspiration.
    I freaked out in the run up to my thirties worrying about the lack of job, boyfriend, house, kids etc. but then I remembered all the great choices that got me here and that I wouldn't change a thing if I did it all again.
    It's always good to be YOU! x

  8. You do right jen, don't worry about it, some people are meant to be single. Huh who needs kids they just get in the way of yarn, hee hee.
    Oh the single life for me
    I'm as happy as can be.
    Go it girl. I was on the shelf all my life then I met my darling Chris, when I was 46, I'm glad I waited, so its never too late to meet the man of your dreams. Stay as you are I guess you are married to your job!!!