Friday, 5 June 2009

Ravelry day

Have been a bit quiet last few days, just because its been a bit mad really getting ready for ravelry day, but I'm nearly there and very excited.

Have dyed hair, colour will be a suprise, and chopped it as well, doesn't look to bad seeing as I did it with some crappy blunt scissors, hahahaha

Shop will be updated monday with the things I bring back

Come and say hello if you are coming ;)



  1. I hope the weather brightens up a bit for you and you have a fabulous day with easy travelling.
    It's 64 days until the Fibre Retreat :>)

  2. Also hope you have a great day- would love to come but can't - the weather looks awful from where I am sitting near Manchester- soggy yarn- UGH! Have just seen the new shop website for the first time- really love it - will be back for some more Scrumptious- fav yarn ever! But need an idea of something to knit. Any suggestions?