Monday, 15 January 2007

Happy mondays.

So, weekend was a success. Flew my kite on sat morning, well I said fly, actually, boyf was pulled along on his arse by the kite in the mud, because the wind was so strong. I sat back with my woolly warmers on and laughed and laughed and laughed. I had a go for about 30 seconds and decided I like my dungarees the colour they are, and handed the kite back to the crazy boy. Sunday, well what else is there to do on a Sunday but dyeing wool huh? I had a large order to finish, and wanted to make some things to put in the shop, Elly worked hard on making my lots of wholesale and retail order packs, (she is a complete star!) yes if you want one, they are in the shop under accessories and cost £2.00 cause they take an age to make.

So Guess who had a go at dyeing wool? well actually he volunteered; boyf decided he wanted to understand how to do it so he can build me a proper functional workshop, um gulp, right. So obviously being a trusting type of person, I gave him the most expensive yarn I have to sell, (scrumptious) to see what he could do, and to be fair, he did some really pretty colourways, they will be up in the shop as soon as they are dried. In fact, hopefully I'll have lots of pics for you tomorrow.

I was thinking its a shame cause I have to knit for deadlines now, often mostly which I can't show cause they are for mags and stuff, so I realise there is not too much knitting stuff on here sometimes. Anyway I have a new pattern for the site, which I'm very proud of, so I'll get Elly to take a pic of me in it and I'll post it, after all I did knit it myself and design it, so that kind of cool.

OK off to carry on with my results section for my experiments.


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