Monday, 8 January 2007

Happy New Year!!!!!

Happy new year everyone!!!!!!

Blimey, I know I'm about 7 days late with this! hehehe. Just got back from Grenada in Spain which was a well needed rest, I haven't felt so refreshed for a very very long time. It was fantastic, although I think I drank a little to much, but you know me and wine. Thanks to Carman, Carmen No 2, Sole, Marchin, Ronni, Eric and Fran and of course sweetiepie for the best holiday in a long time, I love spain so much, it doea have the best food in the world. I did find a yarn shop but it was in a word 'minging'. Acrylic anyone? Nope, not in my 'ouse. We found another one, which looked not too bad, but it was closed unfortunately, still its not as though I need it is it?

So anyone see my socks in 'Knit today'? Yeah baby Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehehehe. As a result came back to lots of orders, oh its such a hard life :-)

Yes back to my normal unstructured jibber jabber!

What else? Ahh, yes seeing as I am feeling creative again, I finished the sock club yarn on Sat, I had to do some extra for me and Elly cause we were loving it just a little too much! Elly wrote the pattern to go with  this months sock yarn and thats lovely too, but I'm not giving any clues away, you'll just have to wait and see. It'll be shipped tomorrow anyway. I did do a little extra just incase I have some late signups, but you got till tonight people!

I also worked on a new colourway, which I'm gonna call Grenada after it was inspired by my wonderful holiday. Here is the silk/wool blend in it:


This is now in the shop, it's £13.99 per 100gms (220m) approximately dk weight, This is a new yarn from fyberspates called Scrumptious, its 55% wool and 45% silk its got a beautiful shine and softness. Hmm can you tell I'm loving it a little too much? Move away from the scrumptious Jen. Hope to have quite alot of patterns for this v soon. I can dye colours too order too, lots more colours of this from the weekend.

I will do some sock yarn in  this colour too, case I think it would make beautiful socks.

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