Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Yarn, um, yarn, and oh more yarn!

I know I am so cruel to show you photo's of lucious wool and I try to restrain myself, but today I can't. I got pics and more pics and oh more pics.

So shop has been updated with firstly some new scrumptious yarn, the um rather luxurious Dk silk and wool mix: here is a colour taster:


My favourite is the foxglove colourway, I'm so tempted to dye some more and make a clapotis.

Second, I've been refining my dyeing techniques and have been having a little too much fun, here is the result:

Bluefaced_1 Bluefaced sock yarn.

Sock_foxglove Well this is my favourite of all time, fox glove!

Sock_hanans Oh and Hannahs' summer, i'm feeling warm already.

Have you any idea how hard it is not to have enough time to knit it all just for me? Hand on brow, with a big grin. hehe.

Right so seems like words getting around about sock club, thanks so much for those that are loving it and have left comments and emailed, its so nice to have feedback, and we'll keep this baby going, cause its way too much fun to stop!

Does the women actually ever knit? Um yes, I sometimes forget I knit things for ME, so here are my kite flying gloves I wipped up over new year holidays, i'll post the pattern free somewhere, it only takes 1 skein of my squishy, emial me if you want the pattern.

Here is one:Cabled_fingerless_mit

Right thats enough visual stimulation for one day, don't forget if you want a mail order catalogue with all my yarns in they are in the shop for £2.


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