Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Slightly over dramatic statement, but thats how it feels.

I couldn't sleep last night for stressing about my entire life, business seems to get to a point in growth where you are no longer doing the thing you love, but doing all the things you HATE.

I have two tax returns to do, because the new company starts tomorrow, plus two vat returns, because all the accounts fall accross two deadlines, although these are not strictly for tomorrow, they have to be done soon, so along with working with my accountant, and bookeeper, we are getting somewhere, but really there is so much to be done. Not to mention wholesale is keeping me so busy I can't blink, any thoughts of the clubs being resurected is gone, they aint gonna happen. I know I will adjust to working in a different way, but I was thinking the other day, just because I have more orders, it does not mean more money, it means my costs go up in wages, materials, rent, tax, COFFEE AND TEA AND BOXES. ARGHHHHHH! Someone said to me the other day, small is beautiful in business, and I am starting to understand what that means.

Don't get me wrong, I am 30% excited, and 70% stressed, so the balance although not quite there, is ok for the moment. I am learning my limits too, like no clubs and only very few custom orders, and I need to streamline considerably anything which is not profitable, goodness, I am understanding business so much now and why people do and don't sell things. I think I preffered it when I was nieve and just did what I felt like.

I am not moaning, don't get me wrong, I am simply adjusting, and it just looks like a massive mountain, and I feel like I have only 6 inch heels to climb it in.

If I don't blog much for the next week or so, its because I am busy, I am going to update the shop everyday so that its not such a huge task, there is so much blimin yarn to go on, oh by the way, I have a few vendors with my yarns at Allypally next week, I will list who has what early next week.



  1. It's good to moan while you're adjusting. You can moan to us any time you want. I hope it helped. And I hope you get past the ghastly stuff soon and get to some good stuff :)

  2. Business, business business. Streamline at your peril. To see why, take some time out to view the best thing on TV for ages - a series of 3 progs about the Harris Tweed industry. You can get them on Beeb's I player. Look for "Tweed"
    I'm saying no more a this time.

  3. You are doing a great job I hope you can keep the gorrrgeous yarns coming. I hope you enjoy your job, nowt na worse than not loving your job.
    Wot's happened to the Unicorn My Pretties yarn, cos I totally lurve it.