Thursday, 1 October 2009

Post office issues - as if my stress levels wern't high enough already

Ok, we have postal strikes, so if you have made and order and it doesn't turn up in 2 days its not me OK!!!!!!

Orders are going out just fine, there is no delay with them from my end, but I am getting a few emials from people asking where their packages are, we have had some strikes this week, and there are more to come:

Just wanted to let you know.

Now I am going to cry because I have a massive deadline to complete by tomorrow, and ISTILL  have no yarn because of the numpty couriers.

Great start to my first day of being a director or what.

edited to change link to one thats today, not 2007 ARGHHHHHHHH



  1. oh dear - well don't worry. you have energy and drive and talent so everything should start coming good soon. those pesky postman aren't helping though!

  2. It is all going to be fine, you will totally WIN in the fight against postal strikes, paperwork and couriers because you are amazing!

  3. Jeni,
    I soooooooo understand your frustrations with the PO. I am one of the people waiting for my yarn but accept that the PO are useless. I live in a relatively rural area so they don't need much of an excuse to not drive out here. Roll on the couriers taking market share of the small packet/parcel market. PO strikes are having devastating consequences for small businesses and mail order only business.
    You have my understanding completely. Hope your week get less stressful and you get everything done that you need to.
    Remember tomorrow is another day :-)

  4. mine arrived next morning ;-] but others are obviously getting jealous, hehehe!!!!
    hope your headaches are sorted soon and things run properly again.

  5. My yarn arrived yesterday - 4 days from the UK to the US! Hurrah! I was up half the night scouring Ravelry trying to decide what to use it for - it's lovely! Don't stress over what you can't control. :-)