Wednesday, 7 October 2009

um, nice things, lol.

OK, I had a cracking day yesterday, worked so hard in the tidy workshop, and also best news of the day I found out that Princi is in the UK (Cardiff to be precise) for a whole year. My heart nearly exploded with happiness and excitement.

You probably remember me talking about the Spanish, and she really is the pinacle of that, the time when we lived and had parties everyday for while in my little house after I broke up with Anth, and it was probably one of the best most important times in my life, we all squeezed in my little house and we just had pure unadulterated fun. Well she is back for a year, and I resolved to go at least once a month for a weekend in Cardiff and that might increase just a bit more now!!!!!

So, thats amazing for me, it really is.

Its counterbalanced with the ongoing business analysis that is happening, with my accountant and best freind, and well, thats not so much fun. My costings have changed alot, and this weekend will be the clincher, we have nearly all the info we need to do a proper business analysis, and well, I feel a little anxious about it, I know there are some areas I am running at minimal profit, but I am wondering how it is going to effect the business, I guess it will mean major restructuring of the business, I already know that wholesale is in the balance here, I guess I don't need to be worried, but I know there is a major overhaul do, so its scary.

Anyway bring on knowledge and then I can make a plan, lol


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  1. I get all breathless reading your blog, you're moving so fast! It sounds as though you are getting more comfortable in your own self and in your work self, but without ever having a dull moment.
    Can't wait for my Oopy Doop to arrive -what a terrific name!