Friday, 16 October 2009

Dyeing and update = indulgence/inspiration

OK, so I figured I needed to dye things and have some fun dyeing seeing as its all numbers and theories around here at the moment, so I am dyeing all sorts of things today and tomorrow, I have slowly started the update and it will continue over today and tomorrow. I also have managed to fix my steamer, so there are some colours that people have wanted FOR AGES, however they are not quite dry yet, so I can't take the pics yet, but they will be done either this afternoon or tomorrow morning so keep an eye on it if you have asked me for something to be redone.

Oh and...I have decided to bring in some very very special new yarns, they are proving a very hard to get hold of, but they are AMAZING! And.... guess what? I finally managed to get more sparkle sock, its winging its way to me, I am hoping it'll be here next week, but I can't promise anything.

This new refreshment of yarns is getting me VERY excited :)

Please keep leaving your thoughts and comments about the clubs its really helping me to figure out what to do.

Also I have some new patterns in this week......

This gorgeous shawl from Carol made from scrumptious 4ply....

Centriqueshaw4 - Copy 



  1. New yarn - how exciting!
    I don't do clubs, but I imagine it's a very useful thing when you are trying to plan the bulk of your sock yarn (or other kind of yarn) dying/orders for a certain period of time; also pretty important to let people know upfront what kind of patterns they should expect if you are not doing socks; and if you are doing socks - then plain (in terms of knitting pattern - not yarn) would probably be less of a headache for you than patterns because then you'd be under pressure to produce a pattern a month etc. Then you could do all sorts of exciting colours for the club and maybe include little matching extra yarn for heels and toes, not sure if yarn clubs do that or not, but that's the only thing that's missing in variegated yarn to produce beautiful socks so that the colour pattern doesn't brake. Does that make sense?

  2. Hi there,
    Carols shawl looks lovely. I'moff to the shop for a look.
    Keep up the fab work Jen.

  3. That's a lovely pattern and I'm really pleased to hear some more sparkle sock is on it's way. I still haven't tried knitting mine but I've been thinking some black sparkle sock would be really nice for legwarmers!

  4. That shawl pattern is lovely and the colour is gorgeous.
    The club idea sounds great. Much less hassle for you and a lot more organised. I have an ace idea too, will email you.

  5. Love this shawl pattern