Friday, 2 October 2009

Calmness is coming back

OK, I kind of lost it yesterday afternoon, lost it because I felt so out of control with everything that I was sort of permanently shaking for about 4 hours. Weirdly Mr Wool knew I was struggling and just turned up completely unexpected, finished off, checked  and submitted my vat return, made out some massive invoices I was not sure about, bought me cheesecake, gave me big hugs and bought me a pint after I just gave up in a big heap on the floor. Then once I had calmed down, he talked my way out of the way I felt, and I felt a whole lot better.


We sat down and figured some numbers out, and schedules etc, and we decided I have to cap my wholesale. People who are currently my wholesale customers can stay, new ones will go on a waiting list, and all of my wholesale orders will be done only two days a week, no more, and it takes as long as it takes, no more stress, I am really a one woman band, and although I have some help, wholesale is not profitable enough to do it 5 days a week, so, its going to be 2 only, and I need to focus much more on my shop, which actually is the thing I love dyeing for the most, but which unfortunately I have hardly any time to do at the moment. I will also strip out anything which takes up too much time, as I said before clubs, lol, I HATE running clubs, they drive me nuts.

I also have to enforce the rule of working on my own alot more, I need my time to be creative, and its not really happening.

So, although though I am a go getter and I love expanding and growing, I realised that its currently at the cost of my happiness, I have a distributor for scrumptious, and thats what they get commision for, is for the volume, and its little input from me apart from desiging, and thats how I like it.

So, I feel so much calmer today, I still have that wholesale order to finish by this afternoon, but this is the last day of tight deadlines, and Karen is coming this afternoon for a few days to help me with a few things, so I think we shall laugh and have fun, and eat lots of cake, and hopefully I will start feeling a bit more like me again.

Oh and thanks to Dee too, for sharing, you helped me think about stuff loads, big hugs.



  1. Horrah for Mr Wool!! I could do with one of those ;) I'm glad you are feeling calmer and have sorted out a way to make life less stressful for yourself.
    Bring on a weekend of cake and gossip, I say.

  2. Glad you are feeling better; I find that keeping a good balance between the things that you enjoy doing and the things you need doing is vital, otherwise you won't even notice how you'll turn into a ball of nerves without seeing a clear direction.

  3. Now that sounds much more like the Jen we all know and love! Hugs back atcha.

  4. Never commented before, but so glad you are feeling better. That kind of overwhelming is the worst.

  5. Understand completely where you are at and reaching out to you with virtual cake and hugs.
    I like the sound of Mr Wool - I am sure he could assist with my "house" as well? !!
    I really like the sound of you working out the direction YOU want to go in, and not those around you or demands are taking you in... and as for clubs... well as much as I have found inspiration in them, and found my way to you via them..well I can live without them !!
    hugs and glad that you are finding your designing yourself, cuz when all is said and done that is why we love you.. (apart from your great personality as well...!!)