Monday, 19 October 2009

Open day is comin yiiiiippppeeee!!

So I might have a solution to the putting wholesale on a waiting list thing, because really I love to wholesale, but I have to work on that for a bit to see what I can do, but I think its definately do-able, I will do some investigations and let you know, but I am confident there will be a solution very soon ;)

Secondly, there are so many yummy yarns coming in the next month or so, I am well excited hehehehehehe.

I am going to add some extras to the update now is so blimin cold, aran in semisolids and multicoloured, plenty of dk and chunky's, and loads of fibres and treats.

Now, point of the post! The open day; preparations have started, the unit is looking lovely, and mom and pops have planted flowers in tubs outside, and finishing touches have been painted on the windows and things to make it look lovely (my dad has been painting like a crazy man, he really is a peach). I am really looking forward to it now, and I had a few emials from people asking if it was ok to come....... really peep's its open to anyone who would like to come and have a look around,  it will be lots of fun, bring your knitting too, there are sofa's hehe!

The site will be open from 10am to 4pm, Keep an eye on the  blog for more details, I will post a map etc on here for you.

I am so excited!!!!



  1. So am I, it's in the diary!

  2. In my diary too! Really looking forward to it.