Tuesday, 26 December 2006

My Christmas present.

So, I had no idea about what boyf was gonna buy me for christmas. So I had no idea what my pressie was going to be, to be honest, all I wanted for christmas was just wanted to have fun and not feel sad or anything. Not only that as you get older presents kind of get boring. So what did I get? A vacumm cleaner!................................. No only kidding!!!!! Hohohohhohohohohohohoh!

I got a power kite! Yes a real huge, 2m square power kite! I was completely gobsmacked, I think this comes to the top of the list of best presents ever. I had a go on one of these in the summer at a beach party, and I was in the air most of the time, cause the wind was so strong, and what I love is the boards with wheels and buggy's you can use the kite to pull you along.

Here is a link so you can see some pics of the kites and stuff. They are fantastic!!!!!!! And how much wind do you think there has been?

NADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need wind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So tomorrow we are on a mission to fly the kite, boyf's gonna take pictures. I am absolutely trembling with excitment!!!!!!!!!!!

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