Tuesday, 18 January 2011

As if the yarn wasn't enough

Having spent three days working our way through as many patterns as possible, Thursday was treat day. We had a fairly slow start to the morning, as there were shade cards to be finished and parcels to be posted before we could head to the bright lights of the capital. Our aim was yarn and all good things knitting related.

Indulgence was the name of the day, so we started with a fabulous set lunch at Thai Square Angel. It was completely delicious, and has inspired me to make Pad Thai this weekend – one of my favourite noodle dishes. Jeni and I both really enjoyed the mixture of different tastes that came in our beautifully presented lunchbox. It was a real treat.


Then I couldn’t be held back from pattern purchases: Knitscene Fall 2010, Ori Ami Knits and two loose sheet patterns.


And Jeni fell in love with some really squishy yarn.

Before we knew it time was up and we were heading west again. We could have spent much longer yarn crawling all over London. Something for another day I think!

The day ended in something of an annoying way, as all of my trains home were delayed and I managed to get on the wrong train at Westbury. Luckily I only ended up in Warminster (rather than Frome) it could have been much worse!!

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