Monday, 1 August 2005

I love knitting too much.

So, firstly there is a new shade of fyberspates sock yarn at Getknitted this is called wild foxglove and matches the colours exactly of a foxglove randomly growing in the middle of my Mother's lawn. I have to say this is my favourite of them all.

I am now on holiday for 4 weeks!!!!! I have so much to do, designing, dyeing, and generally getting the business on it's feet. It's so exciting.

I have spun loads and dyed loads, so i'll post some pictures soon. Today I received an unexpected copy of vogue knitting, and I have to say, this issue is amazing, I did get tears of excitement this morning when I read it. And I am so compelled to make the cardigan on the front, its so 'arty farty', (a nice term to describe things which are ... well, a bit more on the arty side)  exactly the type of knitting I adore, and the types of things I can only hope to design one day. So I am going to try and dye my own wool and knit it.

Hopefully now I'll do more regular posts now I am at home, but you know me.....promises, promises!!

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