Wednesday, 24 August 2005

Winning results.

Congrats to Anita for winning the competition.

Thankyou for all the names you suggested, we finally decided to go for Angie's suggestion 'Brighton Rock', so thankyou. I am going to work on another rose colourway.

There will be lots of new yarns soon at Getknitted, there is my DK, which is up, and also some really pretty silks.

Here are some Gloves knitted in the foxglove DK:


The great thing about these are that they are knitted on two needles! I'll publish the pattern soon.

Next up a shot of a scarf made of the silk boucle:


And here is a close up:


The colours in this photo are pretty true to life.

Thanks to everyone who purchased the 'Oliver special'.

I think I am going to have all my hair cut off, and have it really short.....

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