Thursday, 1 September 2005

No hair and new wheel!

So I went and did it, I had all my hair off. I was so nervous, but I love it.

Here I am,


My face isn't quite as pointy or skinny as it looks in the photo. One of the reasons I had it cut was to give my skin a break, it's not too good at the moment and I think it needs a product free life.

Anyway exciting thing number two: I got my spinning wheel in the post this  morning and at the moment it looks like this:


See the two disks to the right of the wheel? Those are the bobbins. We are talking seriously big. Its an ashford country spinning wheel. I can't wait to put it together, but it will probably be sunday.

It's anths birthday tomorrow and hopefully he will nearly have finished his thesis. I am desperate to have him back to normal. I miss his laughter.

Oh by the way, check out the fyberspates silks at Get knitted, they look lush!

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