Friday, 23 September 2005

what's been goin on.....

So I blew my microwave up the day before yesterday, it had wool in it, not really too sure why it happened, but the house stinks of burnt plastic.

Serious knitting research disscusions are taking place today, very exciting.

Dyeing loads of stuff for the knitting and stitching show in Ally Pally, which is great.

Results of the questionaire will be published in Simply knitting, yes really! Thanks for all of those who took part in it, there will be more stuff in the future......

And here's a picture of a naughy boy:


We went out for drinks the other evening, (and Tracy I did have one on you! take a look, she's steeking today!) because anth was supposed to have finished his Phd thesis finally. SO there was me all glad that finally I might get some attention again. Anyway next day anth says 'oh, I can't take it to be bound yet because I need to do one more check.' So we are here today and he's still checking. He promised it will be finished today, but I don't care any more, I don't believe him one little bit. :-(

Still at least the naughty boy gives me his undivided attention even if being near fluffy wool is part of the bargain.

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