Wednesday, 7 September 2005


Well! I'm having a great week, lot's of secret projects on the go and the website is nearly up and running, I'll post a link soon! And having predictable hair makes all the difference in the mornings! All the more time for knitting.

So here is the monster! Notice the size of the little bobbins on the right compared to the monster's ones?


It's a single drive which is different to my other spinning wheel, so it took me half an hour or so to get used to it, but I'm nearly there. The bobbins are so big that even after spinning loads this is all I had to show for it!:


So anyway saturday, all my aunties and me took a trip to Getknitted and boy was it fun! they loved it, I brought some noro silk garden and some lushious Lorna's laces silk and wool, I think it's the Lion and lamb. it's for a pair of luxury gloves! I'll post a pic soon.

Here is the tank I am making from the noro:


Signing off now for sausage and mash!

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