Thursday, 19 November 2009

Tomorrows shop update

There has been some serious dyeing around here. Some massive wholesale orders all over the world (makes me very proud) hehe.

But it means that we have a cracker of an update for tomorrow, llots and lots of hand painted yarns and semisolids, sparkle sock, scrumptious 4ply, plenty of lace, the new scrumptious aran, and the new Sheila's aran - this is the first week for the appearance Sheila's aran. I have an absolute obsession with the twist in yarn, I pay ridiculous attention to it, and so I  asked for this aran to have the same twist as Sheila's sock yarn, its not exactly the same, as the twist seems just more relaxed, it has a gorgeous softness, I am absolutely LOVING it, I really want to make something from it, argh!! I need to get designing in the Scrumptious aran too!!! Maybe this weekend, I have already swatched, and I just need some inspiration now.

Iphone 173

This is not the end of the new yarns though I am shifting to lots of new bases in the next few months, because I want to diversify a bit. I have 2 new yarns coming, a stunning cashmere silk yarn which is a fingering/4ply weight, too soft for socks but PERFECT for fingering weight shawls, or garments. This yarn is going to be called Ethereal, and trust me it lives up to its name, fingers crossed I will have it ready for next Fridays update. The second yarn is one I have been after for about 3 years, and I haven't been able to get it because the places I normally get stuff spun doesn't have mohair, BUT I got it finally found it, and its very special.

Ok, more soon on those

See you tomorrow for the update xxx

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