Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Mid week catch up....

Monday with Sarah and Ysolda was fab, we talked and talked and talked, I really enjoyed it, and we are lots of cakes and curry, hehe! As usual I forgot to take photo's!!! Sorry :(

Thanks to those too who popped in too :)

I am dyeing loads for the update and for wholesale so the shop should be restocked Friday, my shelves are needing an injection of SPARKLE and scrumptious 4ply and aran, its diminishing like there is no tomorrow, nice problem to have huh?

Although I generally don't take custom orders asuch, I do print of a list of colour requests each week from emails and use them as a guide, so please feel free to suggest colours if you like them, it gets me out of my comfort zone, hehe.

Ok, back to work, its been crazy, I had the insurance people out last week for the unit, and so I have had lots of work done this week making the electrics safe to use with the vats, and I have a ventilation specialist coming this afternoon to figure out something special for all the dyeing fumes etc, I was ok when I used to dye outside, but now I am indoors I need to have proper extraction systems in place, especially if I am going to run  dyeing classes from here.

Which reminds me, would anybody be up for coming to a dyeing class here in the future??

OHHH and last thing, there is something odd going on with my oostage in the shop, if you order up to 400gms its fine, but over that its going to 10, I have checked all the tables but I can't figure it out, but I have asked the webguys to take a look at it so it should be fixed by today, however, if you want to order more before then, I will refund the postage for you immediately.



  1. Yes to a dyeing class. Fun fun fun!

  2. Sharon aka Shazspun18 November 2009 at 13:00

    Add me to your dyeing list too.

  3. Meant to add my name to this list when it came up, but yes please (children, etc. permitting!).