Friday, 27 November 2009

Ethereal and Faery wings

OK, NOTHING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING makes me happier than yarn, not even chocolate cake and tea.

I am always on the look out for new yarns, its Marie's fault, she used to bring me gorgeous yarns from her trips abroad, and I used to get frustrated because I wanted them, most of them are still impossible to get hold of for dyeing, but I take every opportunity to try! Of course its for you guys so you can knit with the best ;)

Anyway, I finally managed to break into the realms of something a little special, and I am hoping of more of this to come as well.

So yesterday two gorgeous yarns I have been after forever arrived in the workshop and I got dyeing immediately.

The first is Ethereal, its 65% CASHMERE 35% Silk, and its stunningly gorgeous. I have put it into 50gm hanks for now, its a 4ply weight and its 12.00 per 50gms. It is expensive, HOWEVER its spun to a phenomenally high standard in Europe and not in china and I would rather pay more and be happy, the result is also a yarn which is quite honestly amazing. I reckon 100gms will easily make a gorgeous little shawl, such as Ysolda's Ishbel.

here is some...

Iphone 233 

The picture isn't the best because I am not at home with my light box, this colour is imps in the glade, which is on the new arrival pages.

The second yarn is also spun in Europe, this is at the moment called Faery wings, BUT I will do a competition next week to change it, its a cute name, but not quite there. It is similar to Art yarns Silk rhapsody, but a million times more affordable, lol!

Its a singles pure silk yarn with a soft kid mohair lightly wound around it, so there is softness shine and warmth all on one hank. Its 350m per 100gms, so a hank will do a scarf easily, and its 16 pounds.

The yarn takes the colours in a most wonderful way, I didn't expect it to...

Iphone 227

I can feel a little cardi or drapy v neck coming on. I suspect needles sizes wil make the fabric very different so today I shal swatch my little heart out for this, and Ethereal.

Both these yarns are available on the new arrivals page

Oh and I will announce the new clubs on Tuesday and the days they go on sale. They will be available for a limited time only as I won't be doing rolling sign ups any more, but they will be special :) xxxxxx


  1. Wow they look irresistable! I can feel some 'self-gifting' coming on!

  2. So it's my fault is it? ;) Seriously though, you've made my day :) Can't wait to see to see the new yarns xx

  3. Oh wow.
    Loving the look of both! Even if I will not ever be able to wear the Faery wings - mohair is beautiful to look at but horrible next to the skin for me... ;)
    Have a lovely time up in Scotland!

  4. Love the Ethereal; puts me in mind of Swiss Mountain Cashmere and Silk from Hand Maiden, made in the swiss alps; unfortunately, I love this yarn so much that I got stash and don't knit it. But it's holiday season and maybe some of my sisters rate a cowl knit from this heavenly fiber