Tuesday, 1 December 2009

I have a little helper called Brian :)

Right, the shop stock has got ridiculously low, its all selling rather fast!!!!!

  So this week there will be absolutely loads on the update, and I have a new helper to help me with the dyeing, and his name is Brian, very exciting. I need to clear some wholesale orders this week to get them to shops before we run out of shopping time, and I can't do it on my own.

So if you have any requests, please let me know.

I do also offer a next day delivery service if you need something for a gift.

I will list the clubs that will go on sale next week in a post tomorrow or later today, there are going to be about 5 clubs, all administered by JO, very exciting!!!! Perfect for Christmas presents too.

Also I need to point out that returns will be refunded sans the cost of postage, if its a simply yarn return, and please email me to let me know you are returning things, otherwise I have no idea who packages are from :)

OK, that's all the shop talk, the trip to Scotland was loads of fun, it really was, but blimin cold!!!



  1. I'd still love some Scrumptious 4ply in Autumn Hedgerow, or Soft Autumn, or one of those sort of colours; probably not the Brights at the moment, just the warm ones you've been doing. Thank you!

  2. I'd love some Scrumptious Chunky in Water if at all possible!

  3. How many skeins would u be after? Jeni
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  4. For me, probably a couple of whichever colourway would be great, thanks.

  5. Please could we have some sparkle in very dark green.....please!