Thursday, 17 December 2009

Last update of the year - tomorrow

OK, this week has been mad and very very cold, I have got no heating in my workshop and its about 3 degrees, mainly because of all the holes in the roof, strangely I never noticed those in the summer, lol.  I am layered up with clothes to the hilt so its bearable, and seeing as I used to dye outside even in the winter, its good at least not to be rained on hahahahaha!!!

So I am updating the shop,  and it will go online in the morning hopefully all in one go, if I get the photos done tonight, and then tomorrow Brian and I are planning our plan of attack for January, new equipment, new setup, new heating, new drying, new storage, NEW EVERYTHING. And the aim will be the only off the shelf wholesaler indie dyer with a Masive choice, its gonna be VERY VERY exciting.

So guess what??? For the first year in 3 years I am having Christmas holidays off, yup a whole 10 days, no dyeing or packaging or anything.

Last packing day is tomorrow for delivery before Christmas, BUT YOU NEED TO GET YOUR ORDER IN BEFORE 3PM. I will be posting things on Monday and Tuesday too, because my extraction and ventilation is being installed, but that's it then, no more posting until JAN 4TH. I definitely need some time off.


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  1. Hope you have a very happy Christmas and happy hols, you deserve some time off you work so hard.