Monday, 14 December 2009

Launching new Wholesale package and ohhh sparkle fibre.....

I am really excited, I have wanted an alternative approach to wholesale for a little while now, I know exactly how I want it, but it takes some extra pairs of hands and storage....oh I have them now hahahahahaha.

Obviously most people have stocks of the things they wholesale and then they sell everything from their stocks with hand dyeing its not so easy to do that, but, I am confident that after doing it for a long time now,  that I can figure out which colours shops will like. So in the third week of January I will be launching a new section for the website where wholesale customers will be able to order yarn that is in stock, they will be able to see the photo's and what makes it even more fun is that all the yarn will be one offs, I will still offer custom dyeing, but there will be a premium for it for wholesale, not retail

If you are already a stockist of Fyberspates hand dyed, then you will get information on this automatically,  if you want to be a stockist please email me for more information and samples.

I am so so so excited, I really want to operate  a much smoother way of doing wholesale that doesn't make me stressed, and we can also ensure the quality control is absolutely at its maximum.

It will mean a big change in the way of working around here, but I am having alot of things changed in the unit, things built etc etc, and it reflects the increase in production, so its all good.

It won't make any difference to the retail side, apart from perhaps more yarn every week, but thats all good init ;)

Oh and I had a letter to say the sparkle FIBRE is on the way, yeah thats right fibre with silk merino and sterling Silver in absolutely exciting is that huh? oh and I ordered loads of it ;)



  1. SPARKLE FIBRE! I love you! (And I'm really going to need another job at this rate.)

  2. SparklySparklySparkle......
    Come to Mama!!
    S xXx

  3. OOOOOOH goody, save some for me please. I would like 2 more skeins of the Autumn sparkle sock yarn, its my fave colours. The one you sent last week was totally delish for my best friend cos she loves manky pink (cerise), but could you perhaps dye my skein in firey red rather than cerrise please. TA Muchly. Good Luck with the wholesale thingy I hope you do really well with it.