Wednesday, 2 December 2009

New clubs for 2010

OK, after much deliberation, planning and outsourcing the gorgeous organising of clubs I have the absolute pleasure to announce the club lineups for early 2010. They will start in February and be shipped on a monthly basis (apart from the Jumper club), because I will be working a month ahead as Jo will be doing all the packing and sending.

They will go on sale Next week, for 4 weeks till the 7th of Jan, there are limited places and the signups will close once the limit is reached, or the 7th of January, which ever comes first. 

I had the absolute luxury of choosing what ever I wanted because I am going to be the most wonderful bit... the dyeing!!!

With each club, you allowed to choose whether you want semisolids, or multi coloured, I really don't mind, with the Jumper club you can choose your colours too.

PLEASE NOTE FOR USA CUSTOMERS you get 15% of of the price of the club prices quoted here, because VAT at 15% is deducted at the checkout

OK lets begin with the new clubs.....

3 month LUXURY yarn club

Price: £58 for UK, £60 for Europe £62 for the rest of the world.

100gms of Ethereal (65% cashmere, 35% Silk)

100gms of Faery Wings (silk /kid mohair)

100gms of Nef 4ply

3 bi monthly Aran Jumper club  enough for 3 sweaters! AND  you get to choose the colours for this one...

This club comes per size, so you can join selecting the number of hanks you want for 3 months.

For example, you can have the 500gm a month, or 600gm, 700gmm etc, up to 1500 or higher if you want, there really is no restriction on this, I can dye larger dyelots.

One month you get scrumptious aran, next month you get Sheilas aran, and the following month you get the organic aran.


500gm club:  £140

600gm club: £176

Please add on £25 for every 100gm size added.

Shipping is charged at approximately 10 -15  pounds for the uk. No higher than 15 for an size.

For shipping to the USA and Europe, please emial me for the prices, the shop will automatically calculate the shipping.

3 month Sparkle sock club 

Price£50 for the UK, £52 for Europe, £54 for the USA

3 X 100gm, 100gm per month.

3 month Lace club

Price: £45 for the UK, £47 for Europe, and £49 for the USA

1 x tia lace

1 x Nef lace

1 x Merino Silk

Sheilas sock club

Price: £36 for the UK, £38 for Europe, £40 for the USA

3 x 100gm of sheilas sock

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  1. No project club :(
    This really appealed to me as in a club with different weights of yarn ie, not all sock weight or all lace weight. I guess that would probably have been too much work for you though but any chance for 2011 ??? Good luck with the rest of the clubs X