Monday, 20 November 2006


Yeah, finally I managed some pics, I took the day off work sick today because I been really sick, I've just slept most of it, but did manage to take a couple of pics of new yarns and sophie. :-)

So here is one eyed soph:


Shes wonderful, but very fidgety! Its so hard to get her to sit still for a photo! I nearly had to bribe her with some sardines.

Right, not onto you know I've been getting some yarns dyed, they are in the colours I choose:


There is a bright green one as well. From the left is the army colours is an aran, the blue is a chunky aran, the next is squishy, this is amazing, the 4th is fiesta, in the superwash merino, the fitfh, oh this one is my fav in periwinkle is 55% wool and 45% silk, its amazing, here's a closeup:


I can't wait to dye some of this stuff its so luxurious!

They will be available in the webshop each yarn in its specific colour and then in Janaury they will be avaibaible in each colour in each type. I'm telling you that silk is amazing. I'm going to start with a clapotis.

Ok thats it, i'm off to cuddle up with soph on the sofa with a fruit tea that won't upset my stomach. :-/

J x

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