Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Shortened version.

1. Jody Long, a designer came to stay on monday, we knitted and chatted and he helped me with a million things, it was fabulous. He's designed some things for my yarns, especially baby things!! YAY! I'll be writing alot more about him in the future, I think we'll working together alot. *added later* Jody Long will not be working for fyberspates.

2. Have new space dyed yarns, loving them sooooooooo much. Pics later.

3. Making wholesale packs up to get out by end of week.

4. Sock club coming, have some nice new types of sock yarns!

5. Finished those socks for the mag, lets just say it was the quickest pair of socks I have ever knitted. Ever.

6. Need to get everything done by friday so I can acutally have a rest at the weekend. I need not to think any more about wool for a day. Just a day. Might have to be knitting my new silk/wool yarn though. OH yeah baby yeah! I guess I'm never gonna have another day in my life where wool doesn't appear somehow, I think I eat as much wool as I knit.

7. SP has adopted two cats!!! They are lovely, both have one eye only on the opposite side. I will def take  a squillion photo's soon.

8. I need some prawn and mayo sandwiches Now. Getting such a huge craving for them recently. No, not that kind of craving.

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