Thursday, 16 November 2006


Its hard to think of titles for posts you know!

Right so, guess what? I have a cat!!!! A beauftiful tabby one eyed female cat called Sophie. Sp Was given two cats, both with one eye! and they didn't get on too well in his flat, so Sophie being a very sociable cat, (I mean sociable, she's positviely a tart), fits perfectly into my noisy and busy household. She got out of her carrier, wandered around. Meowed for food, ate and then joined the party that was being held in my house last night, gettting cuddles and strokes where ever she could find it. I've never known a cat to do that before, when we moved house with sage, he wouldn't leave the top of the stairs for 3 days.

I promise some photo's soon!! Honest! No really!

Not too sure why I put my photo on the side, I like the silly face I'm pulling , Sole says I look like a cheeky child, which was the intention really. I keep having to send them to mags, so I'm trialing out the cheekiest photo's I can get away with. I think I'll do a doctor evil one with soph!!

J x

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