Friday, 1 October 2010

Something exciting on the Knitter :)

Actually I have lots of exciting things to tell you, but I am going to spread them out a bit, so todays is probably for me one of the greatest achievements I have ever made.

Notice I said on the knitter and not in the Knitter? .........I got a design on the Front cover of the knitter, front covers are uber important because they are what sells the magazine, so you know your design is know ....alright and all that.

The irony of this garment is that in my head it was probably one of the simplist ideas ever made, and then in reality it turned out to be rather urm....unsimple to figure out armholes and all sorts of things because its knit side to side rather than bottom up or top down, the pattern is simple and makes uses of nice simple textured stitches, I have two versions, some of you have seen me at shows wearing the larger version, the one in the knitter is actually quite different, so we kind of got two designs out of one idea :) Its knitted in Scrumptious aran, although this garment in the picture is in hand dyed, unfortunately all the base for that one got burnt in the fire, BUT we have the gorgoeus new 10 colours in the commercial range to make up for that, and they are STUNNING. it is on the front cover.....I can tell you I am so bloody proud of this, it certainly is up there on my list of achievments...

Issue 24 cover

Also really great is the Knitter  magazine now have a new website....and The lovely adorable Jen has a blog on there too, which is great, cause she just cracks me up!!!

Happy knitting peeps. I'll tell you more on Monday xxxx



  1. Looks awesome, Super :)
    You really are a clever sausage !!
    S xXx

  2. Aw, shucks. It's not often I get called the lovely, adorable Jen. I'm seriously considering heading home to cast on Talia.

  3. Just got me Knitter, I must say Jeni you are very clever to have a design on the front cover. Well done. I am not too keen on the neckline since I have not got a swanlike yourself so I would have to change it to a V-neck or similar, but that would spoil it. I will try it out with your neckline it just might suit me. Megaimpressed.

  4. ... that pattern looks just fabulous!... and on the cover of The Knitter (the best mag around imho)... go you!

  5. Saw this at Smiths today. Congrats!

  6. My copy of the Knitter arrived yesterday. Love your design. If i have time i may knit it for myself. Also picked up some Scrumptious dk at Hulu Crafts and it's gorgeous.

  7. Thanks for the inspiational talk last night - was great to meet you and hear all about your business journey plus I get another blog to read - bonus! :D