Thursday, 18 November 2010

Royal wedding and things :)

OK, I have a yarn/pattern idea thing for celebrating the Royal wedding, but...what I want to know is how interested are you guys in this whole thing.

Personally I am quite excited by it, and I never thought I would I have to be honest, but I am!

So, leave a comment and tell me what you think about it, are you excited? not bothered? Hate it?

tell me tell me!



  1. I am interested because I love to see the royals all glammed up for this type of events, and wedding gowns are often interesting for weddings a such a scale.
    But then I don't live in Britain, I don't contribute to the bill.
    Are you planning a pattern for a crown??

  2. I royal wedding themed pattern/yarn/kit would be great.

  3. I love Royal weddings especially the english ones.. watched Charles and Diana the whole I am interested,,,,,,.lol
    Hugs from South Texas.....Birgit

  4. Happy about the wedding, fed up with the wingeing about spending money to wed them.. (from the politicians and newspapers - not normal people with an opinion)
    Duh... surely brand Brittania and all of that...
    Hopes she has a handspun dress?

  5. I am not particularly excited about the Royal wedding thing, partly because I am not British... but there's absolutely no reason to hate it. After all a wedding or a marriage should be a joyful occasion to celebrate for. :)
    It'll be a wonderful idea to have a wedding-theme or royal-inspired yarn or pattern!! I bet it'll be elegant and gorgeous! Honestly I am more excited about your yarn/pattern idea than the wedding itself!

  6. I love any kind of Royal event, my mum and nan used to take me and my sister up to london to any Royal parade that was on, and I have all the commemorative china in the loft which my grandparents always bought us. So I guess my answer is yes would love to see! Nicky x

  7. I'm strangely fascinated! I don't know why; I think it's because weddings bring happiness with them.

  8. Ha! I love the idea of knitting a crown, but something we would wear more frequently would be better for me ;) I won't be needing a wedding dress any time soon either.
    I hope I can get time off work to watch the wedding, I did the last time.

  9. I wouldn't normally buy royal memorabilia, but funky sock wool to comemorate it? yes please!

  10. I'm excited! I love a good wedding and this once involves a prince and a (sort of) ordinary girl becoming a princess. My inner five year old is very excited.