Friday, 11 February 2011

What a week...I should probably spread this out but.....

This week has been mind blowing, probably the most amazing things that have happened to Fyberspates ever. So exciting, I can't tell you about all of it because  I don't like to jinx things before they are properly set in motion however........

Here are some of the things I can tell you:

Nic brought the boards for our book layouts to show me yesterday, and they are stunning!!! I am ridiculously excited about them, this is a stupid thing to say, but they look so professional, doing layouts and things is NOT my forte, I don't remotely think in an organised fashion, so to see something coming together from a wonderful team working on the book is ridiculously exciting.

Working on the book we have an incredible set of designers, not just my designs because I want variety and I am not a machine lol. Jen Arnall-Culliford has done some lovely designs, we also haveLily France doing some (squeeeeeeee) who is also going to model some of the designs because she is quite simply gorgeous, her mum Amanda France is also going to be doing the photography, because quite frankly her pictures are amazing, how lucky am I???????

We also have wonderful contributions from Belinda BoadenAmanda Crawford, and Judy Furlongtoo its just wonderful. Our photo shoot is at the beginning of March, and we are planning the styling already which is so much fun, I always dreaded this kind of stuff because I rarely have time to think in such detail, BUT the girls are having a scream and I am just counting my lucky stars to be part of it, its really so much fun :) I will make sure I take lots of pics of that weekend, I am sure there will be much debauchery and laughter!

Secondly I had some wondeful news this week about where Scrumptious will hopefully  be selling... can't say any more than that yet, as I don't want to jinx anything!!

Thirdly I have a VERY SPECIAL guest picking 6 special Colours for Scrumptious AND doing some accessories designs to support the colours, this is HUGE, and for me has massive implications for Scrumptious in overseas markets as well as the UK.

Finally......the royal wedding yarn arrives very soon, not for sale quite yet though, and Anniken Allis has agreed to design the shawl to go with the cool????????

And there is the possibility that I might have found myself a gorgeous little cottage to rent, but keep your fingers and toes crossed for me ok!!!

So as you can imagine, I am incapable of any more excitement now, I am off to Manchester this weekend to Judge a design competition at Purl City Yarns.... muchos fun shall be had I am sure!!

Besos amigo's




  1. It is an absolute privilege to be involved in the plans!

  2. I agree with Jen - we are loving every minute of it!

  3. I'm going to third that sentiment - it's just the best thing to be involved with Jeni. :D

  4. This sounds so exciting jeni! I'm squeeing for you :)